El Gran Concert Eufòria Visual Drums
EL GRAN CONCERT: Eufòria All-Stars + Visual Drums + special guests
26 November 2022
Sala Apolo [La 2]
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The final gala of Eufòria was a meeting point between visual drummer Neo (Visual Drums) and the contestants Pep, Estela, Laura and Chung-man.

This is where the idea of performing a special concert came from, not pretending to match the intensity of the concerts at Palau Sant Jordi, but to let these emotions take shape in an exciting and unique experience.

Accompanied by the stage power of Jaume Nin (Búhos) and Germán de la Riva (Kundala), these young people full of light and talent will offer their own version, new and different from what has been seen so far, in a scenic synergy with the rhythm and luminescence of the first interactive visual drumset made in Catalonia.

Are you ready?