Mury (L’estaca) – Lluís Llach

This song by Lluís Llach, Catalan musician, songwriter and defender of Freedom, is one of the biggest works that inspire Catalonia in his way to liberty. The original version is L’Estaca, symbol of the strength of the Catalan land united to defeat the oppression of the spanish dictatorship. The version that you can see is Mury, whose lyrics were written by Jacek Kaczmarski to inspire the Solidarność movement in his commitment for a Poland free from the sovietic regime, landmark achieved in 1989. It is a song that breathes history and holds a powerful meaning to all those who sing it.
It is an honour to perform it with Visual Drums and so provide a new atmosphere in a futuristic style to this work of art.
Visca Catalunya Lliure! Long live Free Catalonia!