The story of a visual drummer

visual drummer performing on led drums kit

What is a “visual drummer”? It all began in 2010, when after engaging in multiple bands and music projects Neo M decided to create a new experience, the music of the future. The goal was to perform a visual show that allowed people to not only listen to music but actually see it.

For this purpose, the idea of creating an instrument capable to light itself while as producing sounds and effects was originated, but due to the lack of existing technology at that time the artist had to wait 7 years to fulfill his original dream. It was then when the advances of visual software and led industry arrived to the western civilization and opened new opportunities.

Simultaneously, the concepts of visual dj, dj drums and led drums appeared by the hand of entrepreneurs like Michael Fish -aka Afishal- and following copies like The Stick Men Project, but it didn’t make a change in Visual Drums’s original essence: the main core of the project is to create a perfect synergy between light and rhythm.